modern soothing bathroomHolistic Interior Design

We’ve all become accustomed in recent years to holistic approaches to diet and health, yet the concept of a holistic home design is just now starting to become understood and appreciated. What more natural extension of this philosophy than a home space design that harmonizes with our very selves? Holistic Designers can go beyond the traditional role of creating merely aesthetic interiors and incorporate the essential elements ….wellbeing … to your home or work place.

At Aclectica, we aim to improve your indoor life not only by suggesting natural replacements to polluting constituents, but also by introducing colour, aroma, light and sound elements tailored to your personality and goals – while never losing sight of your desired aesthetic needs.

Slider green sofaInterior Decorating

Impressive interior decoration results can be achieved through costly major renovations or simply minor adjustments to existing elements of your home or office environment. At Aclectica, our designers are committed to relying more on assessing your needs and tapping into their creativity than a big budget to create a new interior for you. So whether your budget calls for a complete overhaul or you’re just in need of a mood elevating rearrangement, our designers can assist you.

beautiful modern yellow wall with white staircase and decorative vasesHome Staging

First impressions are everything. This truism is probably never more important to keep in mind than when selling your home in today’s market. Styling your property to make a potential buyer feel warm and welcome from the first visit can save you time and money in the crucial period that your home is on the market. Working with any budget, designers at Aclectica will creatively tap into their expertise in holistic and aesthetic design to make your potential buyers feel at home from the first viewing.